Born and raised in a political climate, Tonya Alenna Schofield, affectionately known as "Alenna" was reared in The District of Columbia public and private schools. As a high school senior, Alenna marched on Washington to make Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday a legal national holiday. In 2012, at the National Democratic Women's Club in Washington, D.C., Alenna catered the 88th Gala Birthday Celebration for Attorney and U.S. Ambassador George Haley (brother of Alex Haley, author of Roots).


Having received a quality education at every milestone of her academic tenure, Alenna has developed a mindset of life-long learning, which is why she has earned multiple college degrees. Alenna's life's motto is to leave people and things better than she found them. Alenna believes this mindset will empower her to be the cause of change and to make the world a better place to live. Driven by her passion to help others, Alenna is truly altruistic in nature and has spent most of her life assisting others. Alenna has served as a teacher, mentor, and an educational consultant. Moreover, she has successfully owned professional tutorial, catering, and janitorial services respectively. 


Alenna has worked in both the public and private sectors as well as garnered experience in both secular and Christian arenas. As a mayoral candidate, Alenna has joined the powerful move of women of color across our nation and seeks to improve the overall quality of the city of Palmdale, including education, healthcare, safety, community policing, technology, youth and senior programs, race relations, and career opportunities.